Supervisors and Commissioners

Each of the San Diego County Supervisors appoints two citizens to represent their supervisory district on the  Commission on the Status of Women and Girls. Each Commissioner serves a four-year term, concurrent with the Supervisor’s term. The additional three positions on the Commission are filled as Members-at-Large, nominated by the Commission and approved by the Board of Supervisors to serve two-year terms.

The Board attempts to reflect in Commission appointments comprehensive representations of age, socio-economic status, ethnic background and geographical distribution, and considers the prospective member’s knowledge and awareness of the problems and rights of women and their commitment to the betterment of the status of women in San Diego County.

Nathan Fletcher
District 4 - Nathan Fletcher
Jim Desmond
District 5 - Jim Desmond
Nora Vargas
District 1 - Nora Vargas
Joel Anderson
District 2 - Joel Anderson
Terra Lawson-Remer
District 3 - Terra Lawson-Remer


Previous Commissioners

Ad Hoc Committee

Status of Women Task Force (Formed May 1973)