Tiana Uribe

Tiana Uribe
  • District 2


Vice Chair


Tiana Uribe founded TRU Financial Services, Inc. in 2005, a company providing wholesale mortgage services to a wide range of clients. Tiana is a licensed broker (BRE) and has served as president since inception. She has lead the company through several real estate cycles closing over $300 million in real estate mortgage sales. She advocates for consumers and works tirelessly to find the best loan program to suit the client’s needs. Tiana’s primary responsibilities include overseeing the entire operations through her portfolio of qualifications in team collaboration, strategic planning, goal setting, client relationship building, and marketing.

In 2015, Tiana founded and is currently president of The Wildflower Initiative, a nonprofit organization that advocates for and supports social services and educational programs in our community. Tiana has assumed various roles and responsibilities that encompass events coordination, board, and ad-hoc leadership, and team assessment and development. Tiana’s development of Jenny’s Jungle literacy program has provided several reading spaces in homeless and transitional shelters. Through this program, she strives to empower women and children for long-term self-sufficiency. Tiana also serves as public speaker and public relations representative of the organization focused on building its profile and reputation.

Tiana completed her Master of Science Degree in Marketing at Full Sail University. Aside from her ongoing involvement with The Wildflower Initiative, Tiana loves to exercise, travel and reading. She currently resides with her husband and daughter in Lakeside, California.