Jenni Prisk

Jenni Prisk
  • District 4
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Immediate Past Chair



An award-winning, international motivational speaker, communications coach and trainer, Jenni Prisk founded Prisk Communication in 1990.  An avid volunteer, Jenni has given time and energy to many local charities. Jenni was elected as Chair of the Commission for 2014-2015.  She is a member of the San Diego Rotary Club where she chairs the Peace Committee and the Joint Venture Committee with South East San Diego Rotary.  She is Vice-Chair of the Rotaracts Club at SDSU. She has her own theatre column on Facebook: Scene by Jenni Prisk Jenni founded the nonprofit organization Voices of Women (VOW) in 2001 with the mission to support and produce local and global educational programs that uplift and empower women and children.