Women’s Herstory Month Notables for March 22 to March 28, 2015

March 22: One of the last local Luiseno indigenous peoples, and an advocate for the San Luis Rey Luiseno Band of Indians, Louise Foussat was an amazing community educator. She visited many schools to educate other about indigenous people and taught related courses at Palomar College. The Oceanside Unified School District honored Loussat by naming a school after her---the Louise Foussat Elementary School---vindication for Loussat’s inability to attend local schools because of her American Indian heritage. August 25th is Louise Foussat Day! We celebrate Foussat for her advocacy on behalf of indigenous peoples. See http://www.utsandiego.com/news/2005/nov/02/oceanside-luiseno-matriarch-97- remembered-as/

March 23: One of the founding members and the coordinator of the San Diego Visual Arts Network, Patricia Frischer is heavily involved in the artistic community. The San Diego Visual Arts Network is a “database of information produced to improve the clarify, accuracy and sophistication of discourse about San Diego's artistic and cultural life and is dedicated to the idea that the Visual arts are a vital part of the health in our city.” She has been involved in Performing Arts League, Art Collectors Roundtables, Combined Organization of Visual Arts, San Diego Institute for Arts Education, and was an assistant professor for Humboldt State University. We celebrate Frischer for showcasing artistic talent in our community. See http://www.utsandiego.com/news/2013/feb/13/art-scene-san-diego-patricia-... and http://www.sdvisualarts.net/sdvan_new/about.php

March 24: Abbe Wolfsheimer-Stutz served two terms on the San Diego City Council and was a huge proponent for developing parks and public amenities. Wolfsheimer-Stutz was also essential for the creation of state Route 56. She graduated from California Western School of Law, passed the state bar exam, and taught as real property law at Western State University Law School starting in 1974. In 1989, the council appointed her to fill a vacancy to establish the 92,000-acre San Dieguito River Park. We celebrate Wolfsheimer-Stutz for being elevating San Diego politics and advocating for public amenities and parks. See http://www.utsandiego.com/news/2014/mar/16/abbe-wolfsheimer-stutz-diego- obituary/2/?#article-copy

March 25: A former trustee of the San Diego City Employee's Retirement System pension board, Diann Shipione is a whistleblower who exposed the pension crisis—that is, the underfunding of the pension funds and omissions in bond sale documents. Many city officials tried to discredit and remove her, but Shipione was critical in the federal investigation of the system. We celebrate Shipione for bringing attention to the underfunded pension system and challenging fraud on behalf of the public. See http://www.sandiegoreader.com/weblogs/financial-crime-politics/2009/jun/... heads-to-harvard/#

March 26: The Executive Producer and Host of “San Diego’s Historic Places” on KPBS-TV, Elsa Sevilla produces and illustrates the beautiful history of San Diego. Her woman-owned video production company, Sevilla Production, has won many awards and worked with many different corporations and groups (ABC News, Good Morning America, San Diego Padres, Girl Scouts San Diego). In the past, Sevilla worked in local television (e.g. ABC-News San Diego, KPBS-TV). We celebrate Sevilla for portraying San Diego’s history and people, and inspiring woman-business owners, non-profits, and young women. See http://www.nawbo-sd.org/from-journalist-to-award-winning-entrepreneur.html

March 27: Mary Salas is the first Latina mayor of Chula Vista who was a former California Assembly member representing the 79th Assembly District from 2006-2010. She ran for California State Senate in 2010, and was elected to the Chula Vista City Council in 2012. She was also involved in MANA de San Diego, an organization that mentors young Latinas. Salas wants to build civic and community engagement, and make decisions in the best interest for her community. We celebrate Salas for being a trailblazer in Chula Visa politics and a mentor to Latinas and other women and men alike. See http://www.utsandiego.com/news/2014/dec/04/mary-salas-new-chula-vista-ma...

March 28: Lillian Poltere, the founder of and Vice President the local National Organization for Women (NOW) chapter, was instrumental in the fight against sex discrimination. Poltere served as a chairwoman of the Employment and Discrimination Task Force for San Diego NOW, and was appointed to the Affirmative Action Committee. She also spent many hours researching laws and regulation affecting women. Though born in China, Poltere adopted San Diego as her home and advocated for its women passionately. We celebrate Poltere for standing up for ending discrimination against women. See http://legacy.utsandiego.com/news/obituaries/20080320-9999-1m20poltere.html

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