Women’s Herstory Month Notables for March 15 to March 21, 2015

March 15: Joanne DiBona is a Travel Journalist and Photographer at Travel Journalist and 10 Best at USA TODAY, which provides travel guides, tourist to do lists, and notable attractions. Previously, she was in public relations as the Director of Communications at the San Diego Tourism Authority, which strives to promote tourism and visitors for San Diego’s economic benefit. Her photography, which has appeared in many websites, smart phone apps, guide books, magazines, newspapers, brochures, and other publications, also helped to promote San Diego as a destination. We celebrate Joanne DiBona for documenting and promoting the beautiful San Diego community. See http://www.getthepicturetravel.com/about-me/

March 16: A key player in shaping San Diego theatre, Edythe Pirazzini was a self-taught producer and director with an unorthodox style. She financed the Mission Valley Playhouse in 1957 in a barn. Pirazzini also developed an acting company. Some of her popular shows included "Everybody Loves Opal" starring Lillie Mae Barr. We celebrate Pirazzini’s entrepreneurship, creative spirit, and pioneering influence on the San Diego theatre. See http://www.utsandiego.com/news/2011/apr/15/the-woman-who-shaped-san-dieg...

March 17: Born October 7, 1858, Rosa Smith Eigenmann was an ichthyologist, a scientist who studies fish. She was fascinated in the natural history and environment, joined the San Diego Society of Natural History, and started to document and publish about 150 various species of fish. In addition, she discussed the difficulties of doing research as well as being a wife and mother before the term “work/life balance” was coined. She also was the president of the Women’s National Science Club in 1895. We celebrate Eigenmann for documenting and publishing San Diego’s natural history as a pioneer at a time when women were expected to stay at home. See https://www.sdsc.edu/ScienceWomen/eigenmann.html

March 18: Sylvia McKinney is the Founder and CEO of Dress for Success San Diego, which provides programming, clothes, support, and guidance to empower disadvantaged women to compete for jobs, learn or re-learn business norms, and attain economic self-sufficiency. McKinney was inspired to begin this non-profit after her own experience in facing difficulties finding a job as a survivor of domestic violence. To date, Dress for Success has helped hundreds of thousands of women regain confidence, get job interviews, and obtain positions that are commensurate with their skill. We celebrate McKinney for empowering disadvantaged women in our community. See https://sandiego.dressforsuccess.org/about-us/who-we-are/

March 19: Beginning her career as a civic leader at the age of 65, Beatrice Barker Evenson was influential as an advocate for preserving and maintaining parks in San Diego. In 1967, Evenson founded and lead The Committee of 100, whose goal was to help preserve the Spanish colonial architecture of the 1915 Exposition buildings along the Prado in Balboa Park. The Committee overcame a lot of opposition and financial hurdles. Evenson was a member of the San Diego County's Cultural Heritage Commission, and one of her last projects was restoring the Spreckels Organ Pavilion in Balboa Park by raising over 300,000 dollars (of which she donated 131,000 dollars herself). We celebrate Evenson for advocating to preserve and maintain San Diego’s parks and architecture. See: http://www.sandiegohistory.org/online_resources/evenson.html

March 20: Lourdes Felix graduated from UCSD in 1978, and has gone on to serve the University for over 28 years. Currently, Felix is the executive assistant to the Vice Chancellor of Health Sciences. She also served the Chicano Alumni Association; mentored community college students and volunteers; and supported diversity initiatives as a member of the Friends of the Cross Cultural Center board and co-president of the Chicano/Latino Staff Association. We celebrate Felix for supporting education, student advancement, and diversity at UCSD as a leader. See http://ucsdnews.ucsd.edu/archive/thisweek/2005/nov/11_28_alumni.asp

March 21: Shara Fisler is the Executive Director at the Ocean Discovery Institute, which was created to engage youth from underserved communities and leverage San Diego’s natural environment. Fisler is responsible for leading the organization, securing resources, and guiding its goals and vision. Striving to bridge the gap between urban and marine environments, she exposed youth to their surrounding environment through field trips, contact with animals, and interactive experiments. Fisler also published many articles and received several awards, including as an adjunct faculty at UCSD. We celebrate Fisler for inspiring and engaging young adults in the environmental sciences. See http://oceandiscoveryinstitute.org/about-us/leadership/staff/

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