Resources for the Ridiculed

After she read the, “Project Homeless Connect Report”, from the San Diego Housing Commission, she thought to herself about how she should start to analyze the report. And it occurred to her, just as Jennifer- a woman living in a shelter who is homeless because of domestic violence- had never heard of the Project Homeless Connect, neither had she.

She began to wonder how much of the homeless population in San Diego had any knowledge of this and the resources that are provided to them. Although she understands that this report is a small representation of the total homeless population, she is very surprised that approximately 35.2% of the 854 homeless San Diegans who were served admit to not using any form of non-cash benefits (CalFresh, Medi-Cal, County Medical Services, etc). She wishes that she could ask them why- shortage of resources, education or do they simply refuse?

If this one day resource fair served 854 people, imagine how many others could potentially be served given the proper resources? This is an opportunity for all women to access and learn about free legal aid, clothing, counseling, housing information and health care options- all in one.

How can we help homeless women become ambassadors for other homeless women, girls and children? Only women who have been homeless can express the true needs of other homeless women.

The 8th Project Homeless Connect

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