Registration is now open for the Third Annual Symposium on Combating Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence and Homelessness

This symposium focuses on bringing together major organizations to discuss women’s rights, social services, community concerns, and health rights. In addition, individuals are invited who are interested in supporting the continued effort to raise awareness, increase prevention and education, and to reduce the number of victims in San Diego County. The keynote speaker will be Toni Atkins (CA State Senator) who recently passed legislation assisting victims of human trafficking and domestic violence. District Attorney Summer Stephan will be the opening speaker. (Click here to see the flyer) (Click here to see press release)

AZ Auditorium at Qualcomm
10155 Pacific Heights Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92121 

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  1.  Domestic Violence
  2.  Homelessness
  3.  Human Trafficking 


The Commission is mandated to study and advise the San Diego County Board of Supervisors on areas of concern to women’s lives and needs in San Diego County.